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“八点五十”的英语表达法为:Eight fifty. “八点五十”还可以表达为: At eight fifty; Eight point five ten; Half past eight; By eight fifty; The eight fifty. 扩展资料 例句: 1.这趟车马上就开:八点五十分。 The train would leave in...

seven thirty half past seven 7:30

eight fifty, fifty past eight 或者 ten to nine 都可以

常见说法: ten to nine: 9点差10分 it's almost nine. 差不多到9点了。 不常用说法: eight fifty . 8点50 fifty past eight :8点过50分

Eight fifty 或者 ten to nine

八点十五分英语翻译:At fifteen to eight eg:We leave here at fifteen to eight 八点十五,我们离开这里 扩展资料:1、I go to the meeting room at 8:50. 我八点五十去会议室。 2、I have a meeting this morning in conference room 2. 我...

两点差两分钟 two to two或者直接念 one fifty-eight满意的话别忘了采纳哦~谢谢。

有四种表达方法: eight forty-five fifteen to nine a quarter to nine three quarters past eigh 其中最常用的说法是a quarter to nine以及eight forty-five

八点五十四 eight fifty-four six to nine

five past eight 或 eight five

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