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他在昨天的演讲比赛中获得了第一名. He won the first prize in the speech contest yesterday.

He won the first place in this English Speech Competition

得到冠军实在非常高兴。说实话,我参加比赛的确是为了得到经验。要感谢的,是平日严格的训练我的(老师名字)老师。希望没得奖的战友们,你们不要放弃。最后!送大家一句话:谢谢,我讲完了 本来蛮长的,字数过越。

Hello David, I'd like to ask you to bring the following items from home to school for me: My English dictionary which is on my bookshelf. My basketball which is under my bed and some drinks in fridge. Thank you very much. Lin Tao.

The speech competition is very successful yesterday昨日的演讲比赛很成功

cb、Victory belongs to the most persevering.

He like to take part in the speeching contests. take part in "参加" the speeching contests ”演讲“ 希望可以帮助到你,同时也祝你学习进步!

我们很高兴宣布你在英语演讲比赛中获得了第一名。明天下午我们将召开新闻发布会。请准备好所有可能被记者 英文:We are pleased to announce that you won the first prize in the English speaking contest. We will hold a press conference t...

The first day when I go to high school, I felt excited, after 9 years’ study, I felt I was so close to university, the dream always gives me motivation to move on. The first year, I made many friends, I got to know all of my cl...


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